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Website Design

Everything about website design that Natural SEO SEM does considers natural SEO techniques. From the content on the page to browser compatibility to reading level to image optimization. That is because it all needs to follow a common theme and present quality as well as attractiveness.

So it is important that our visitors and clients gain a general understanding about website design. It plays a major role in how the humans enjoy your website.



Website Design deals with your website visitor's first impression.


Website Design includes optimizing your webpage images for appearance and filesize so that the page loadspeed is not excessive. Aim for an 8-second maximum loadspeed.


Website Design for your website includes the color selection. This mood should complement your website theme.


Every webpage should have the same general Website Design. Vistitors need to know that as they move from webpage to webpage - that they are still on the same website.


Website Design can use website templates, customized for your individual requirements.


Natural SEO SEM considers Dreamweaver to be the best Website Design software on the market these days. It is very customizable, utilizes CSS instead of the old-version Tables webpage construction method, and is easy to maintain.

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Ease of Reading

Flesch Reading Ease

An assessment of text for ease of reading on a zero to one hundred scale, zero being difficult. Ninety and above should be readable by a fifth grader; sixty by a ninth grader; thirty and under by college graduates. Long words affect the scoring more in this test than in the Grade Level test.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level

An assessment of text for readability by grade level. A score of 6.4 would be readable by a sixth grader in the U.S.

Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test

Tests designed to estimate the ease or difficulty of a reading passage. Comprised of the Flesch Reading Ease and the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level.


Gunning-Fogg Index

A test for readability comprised of number of sentences, total words, percentage of difficult words translated into grade level estimation.


Cascading Style Sheets

CSS. A Hyper Text Markup Language specification that allows web developer to use codes to describe how a pages contents should look. Of particular importance in defining the styling and lay out of text, paragraphs and headings. A great feature of CSS is that each style can be defined in an external document and only referred to in the actual HTML webpage, allowing for quicker pageloads and pre-formatted documents.


Browser Compatibility

Different browsers treat or display webpages differently. Website design and SEO steps need to be taken so that webpages are browser independent.



Altering an email address on a webpage to make it unreadable to bots and harvesters that crawl the Web for email addresses to include on spam lists. Munging is where the email address is not fully written out but is still understandable to anyone reading the webpage. The characters to the left of the @ symbol in the email address should not be altered when munging.




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Website Design Glossary

From Natural SEO SEM


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Website Design Glossary


301 Redirect - Active Content

Active Server Pages - Aliasing

Alignment - Ambush Marketing

Anchor Spam - ASL

ASP - Attention

Attribute - Back Matter

Back-end - Beacon Pages

Below the Fold - Breadcrumb Navigation

Bridge Page - Call to Action

Call-Out - CGI Bin

Checkbox - Cloaking

CMS - Collateral

Comment Tag - Compression

Conceptual Links - Content Targeted Advertising

Contextual Advertising - Copywriting

Counter - Custom Web Design

Cyber Stealth Marketing - DBMS

Dead Link - Description Tag

DHTML - Diversity

DMCA - Download

DPI - Dynamic Content

Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language - Ellipsis

Em Space - End Matter

Entry Page - Fake Copy Listing

Fantasy - Flash

Flesch Reading Ease - Focus

Font - Fraternal Mirror

Freshness - Fully Meshed Topology

Geo Navigation - Google SiteMaps

Google Writely - Gray Scale

GUI - Header

Heading - Hidden Text

Hierarchy - House Ad


HTTP Status Code

HTTPS - Hypermedia

Hypertext - Iframe

Image - Inside Pages

Intellectual Property - Invisible Text

IP Delivery - Java

Java Server Pages - JSP

Kern - Keyword Significance Indicator

Keyword Stuffing - Lead Generator

Leading - Link Checker

Link Hoarding - Load Time

Login - Mashup

Matrix - Meta Description Tag

Meta Keywords Tag - MFD

Microformats - Mouse Trapping

MOV - Munging

MySQL - Niche

Ninety Ninety Rule - OIL

On Topic - Ontology Web Language

OOPs - Orphan Page

Over Optimizing Penalty - PageRank

PageRank Drain - PDF File


Pop Under - Property

PSA - Repaginate

Replica - RIA

Rich Internet Applications - Row

RSS - Scent

Scraping - Secondary Colors

Section 508 - Server Side

SFO - Shout

Shovelware - Sitemap

Snippet - Star Topology

State - Structured Query Language

Style Sheet - Syntax

Tabindex - Text Editor

Text Link - Title Tag

Top Down - Traffic Death Redesign

Tree Structure - Union Compatible

Unzip - Vertical Banner

Vertual Reality Modeling Language - Web Applet

Web Design - White Paper

Widow - Xenu

Xforms - Zooming


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Natural SEO SEM hopes that you find this Website Design Glossary useful in understanding the Internet - and your place in it.