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Above the Fold

A reference to the top portion of a traditional newspaper. The portion of a webpage visible to a visitor without scrolling down.


Below the Fold

The portion of a webpage not visible to a visitor unless they scroll down.


Browser Compatability

Different browsers treat or display webpages differently. Web design and SEO steps need to be taken so that webpages are browser independent. Browser independent means that the webpages will work as they are supposed to, on whatever choice of browser.


Cascading Style Sheet

CSS. A Hyper Text Markup Language specification that allows web developer to use codes to describe how a pages contents should look. Of particular importance in defining the styling and lay out of text, paragraphs and headings. A great feature of CSS is that each style can be defined in an external document and only referred to in the actual HTML webpage, allowing for quicker pageloads and pre-formatted documents.


Flesch Reading Ease

An assessment of text for ease of reading on a zero to one hundred scale, zero being difficult. Ninety and above should be readable by a fifth grader; sixty by a ninth grader; thirty and under by college graduates. Long words affect the scoring more in this test than in the Grade Level test.


Natural SEO is part understanding what to put on a webpage to achieve high ranking. But, just as important, Natural SEO is knowing what NOT to do on a webpage. WhiteHat SEO is the standard. GrayHat SEO is a consideration. BlackHat SEO is avoided.

Natural SEO involves every component found on a webpage - the text, the images, metatags, the title tag, alternative text, backlink anchor text, headings, forward link anchor text, as well as the internal hyperlink architecture and navigation system.

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Natural SEO = Organic SEO

Organic SEO = Ethical SEO

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Website Design Glossary


Website design is a major factor in whether visitors to a website stay and look around, or click away.

It includes the internal navigation, the color schema, font selection and a myriad of other considerations.

Natural SEO SEM has compiled many of the website design terms that may be of use to our customers and to our website visitors. We hope you will find them to be of use in better understanding website design and design features.


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Website Design Glossary

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Microsoft's dynamic Active Server Pages (file.asp) A webpage created with HTML and either VBScript or Jscript (Microsoft's version of Javascript).


Aspect Ratio

The ratio of the width of an image to its height. For example, an image with dimensions of 200 pixels wide and 100 pixels high has an aspect ratio of 2.


Assistive Technology

Software or hardware designed to specifically assist people with disabilities. In reference to Web Accesibility, hardware would include reading machines and devices for grasping. Software would include audio browsers, screen magnifiers, speech synthesizers, braille keyboards and voice input software.


Asymmetric Compression

A data compression technique that requires more processing capability to compress than to decompress, such as CD ROM production versus retrieval (playback).



Above The Fold. The portion of a webpage viewed upon opening, without scrolling down.


Atom Publishing Protocol

An HTTP based protocol for creating and updating web resources.


Atom Syndication Format

An XML language used for web feeds.



AIDAS. The goals that a website should have for its visitors. This applies to text, images, and web design for online business. The marketing strategy should get the potential customer's attention and interest, generate a desire for the product or service through incentives and arguments, enable action with easy-to-buy steps, and satisfaction by providing usability and good merchandise or service.


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Natural SEO SEM hopes that you find this Website Design information useful in understanding the Internet - and your place in it.