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Search Engine Marketing

Marketing methods designed to bring visibility to a website. Main categories are SEO, PPC and Paid Inclusion.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing a website organically to achieve higher rankings on the search engines. Includes both on-site and off-site techniques and procedures. reference to the top portion of a traditional newspaper. The portion of a webpage visible to a visitor without scrolling down.


Optimization Kinds

Categorization variables such as Title, Keywords, Description, Headings, Link URL, Link Text, Image Alt, Comment, Body

Optimization Parameters

Quantitative variables such as Frequency, Weight, Size, Prominence, Proximity


Natural SEO is part understanding what to put on a webpage to achieve high ranking. But, just as important, Natural SEO is knowing what NOT to do on a webpage. WhiteHat SEO is the standard. GrayHat SEO is a consideration. BlackHat SEO is avoided.

Natural SEO involves every component found on a webpage - the text, the images, metatags, the title tag, alternative text, backlink anchor text, headings, forward link anchor text, as well as the internal hyperlink architecture and navigation system.

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Network Topology Categories

Bus Topology


Fully Meshed Topology


Linear Topology


Mesh Topology


Ring Topology


Star Topology


Tree Topology











Natural SEO = Organic SEO

Organic SEO = Ethical SEO

Ethical SEO = Natural SEO


Website Design Glossary


Website design is a major factor in whether visitors to a website stay and look around, or click away.

It includes the internal navigation, the color schema, font selection and a myriad of other considerations.

Natural SEO SEM has compiled many of the website design terms that may be of use to our customers and to our website visitors. We hope you will find them to be of use in better understanding website design and design features.


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Website Design Glossary

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Free open source database software often used on the web.



aka Browsing, surfing. To move around webpages by following hyperlinked paths within each document.



The linking structure of a website which allows movement between webpages or sections of webpages.


Navigation Mechanism

Any means by which a user can navigate a page or website, such as navigation bars, site maps or a table of contents.


Nested Command Menu

A command menu within another command menu.


Network Topology

The specific arrangement of the elements of a network. Common types of network topology are Bus-Linear, Fully Meshed (aka Fully-Connected), Hybrid, Linear, Mesh, Ring, Star and Tree.


New Media

Refers to the vast number of new types of documents and media creations on the Internet.



A narrow topic, product, service or information that a website concentrates on.


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Natural SEO SEM hopes that you find this Website Design information useful in understanding the Internet - and your place in it.