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1995 - Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin meet at Stanford University

1996 - Google search engine fore-runner BackRub designed

1997 - BackRub renamed Google

1998 - Google is set up as a functioning business

1998 - PC Magazine names Google as the search engine of choice in their Top 100 Websites for 1998

1999 - Google moves to Mountain View

2000 - Google becomes the largest search engine with over 1 billion URLs

2001 - Google Image Search launches

2002 - Google News, Google Labs and Froogle begin

2003 - Google voted Word of the Year

2004 - Google IPO in August

2005 - Google Maps with satellite views and directions live

2006 - Google Trends introduced

2007 - Universal Search announced by Google

2008 - Google Sites launches - collaborative websites

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The most important search site for websites using natural seo and natural sem is Google . Why ? Because Google represents almost two-thirds of all direct search inquiries made on the Internet.

For that reason, an understanding of Google - Google Terms - the Google algorithm - and the future direction of Google must be understood.

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Google and Search Terms

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Some search engines take the age of a webpage, link, website registration, term, or other historical data into account when judging the quality or trust-worthiness of a website or webpage.



Software or rules using a mathematical formula to rank websites or webpages. A logical detailed process to achieve a specified result. Although search engine algorithms are very confidential, they likely include things like the number and quality of inbound links, keyphrases, title tags, meta descriptions, headings and alt text.


Algorithmic Search

An organic SERPs as opposed to a Paid search, such as Overture.



A Google syntax to restrict search to just the link anchors of webpages. Results are listed based on the text used in the backlinks of the webpage.



A Google query syntax to search only a specified site for terms.



A Google syntax restricting the search to the body text of documents - ignoring links, titles, and URLs.



A Google syntax which restricts the search to only webpages that contain every keyword in their title tag. The keywords should follow the syntax with no spaces.



A Google search syntax to search only the URL for terms.


Android, Inc.

A company purchased by Google in 2005 that makes mobile phone software.


Applied Semantics

Google purchased this company which developed software for online advertising in 2003 to improve AdWords and AdSense.


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Natural SEO SEM hopes that you find this Google and Search information useful in understanding the Internet, natural SEO and SEM - and how it affects your internet business website.