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Vertical Service Codes


Vertical Service Codes. A special code in North American telephony that is dialed prior to a telephone number that engages some type of special telephone service. Typically preceded by a star key (asterisk *) or followed by a pound key (#). Often referred to as "Star Codes", they are generally two digits, but new codes are 3-digit due to growth. Developed by AT&T in the 1960s, these services must be accessed vertically (through the local telephone company) rather than through any outside service.


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Vertical Service Codes


*00 Inward Voice Activated Services (English)

*01 Inward Voice Activated Services (French)

*02 Deactivation/Activation of In-Session Activation (ISA) (*66) on a per line basis.

*03 Deactivation of In-Session Activation (ISA) (*66) on a per call basis

*12 Call Assistance (Police)

*2X Reserved for expansion to 3-digit VSCs

*30 Cancel Forwarding

*31 Automatic Forwarding

*32 Notify

*3X Reserved for expansion to 3-digit VSCs

*40 Change forward-to number for customer programmable call forwarding busy-line

*41 Six-Way Conference Calling Activation

*42 Change Forward-To Number for Customer Programable Call Forwarding Don't Answer

*43 Drop last member of Six-Way Conference Call

*44 Voice Activated Dialing

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