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Country Code Top Level Domains


A Country-Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) is an Internet Top Level Domain (TLD) which, in general, has been reserved for a particular country or dependent territory.

In many cases, however, users are finding alternate possibilities. For example, .AM is used by AM radio stations, .FM by FM radio stations. .TV has popularity among television entities.

Certain industries have utilized TLDs to further their interests. .MU by music domains, .AD by advertising companies, .MD by medical doctors, .DJ and .CD by disc jockeys and the CD industry, and .IN by internet businesses.

Alternate geographies also take advantage of the two digit ccTLD. .LA is used in Los Angeles, .LI on Long Island New York.


Domain Type Purpose
.SI Country-code Slovenia
.SJ Country-code Svalbard and Jan Mayen
.SK Country-code Slovakia
.SL Country-code Sierra Leone
.SM Country-code San Marino
.SN Country-code Senegal
.SO Country-code Somalia
.SR Country-code Suriname
.ST Country-code Sao Tome and Principe
.SV Country-code El Salvador
.SY Country-code Syrian Arab Republic
.SZ Country-code Swaziland
.TC Country-code Turks and Caicos Islands
.TD Country-code Chad
.TF Country-code French Southern Territories
.TG Country-code Togo
.TH Country-code Thailand
.TJ Country-code Tajikistan
.TK Country-code Tokelau
.TL Country-code Timor-Leste
.TM Country-code Turkmenistan
.TN Country-code Tunisia
.TO Country-code Tonga
.TR Country-code Turkey
.TT Country-code Trinidad and Tobago
.TV Country-code Tuvalu
.TW Country-code Taiwan
.TZ Country-code Tanzania
.UA Country-code Ukraine
.UG Country-code Uganda
.UK Country-code United Kingdom
.UM Country-code US Minor Outlying Islands
.US Country-code United States
.UY Country-code Uruguay
.UZ Country-code Uzbekistan
.VA Country-code Vatican City State
.VC Country-code Saint Vincent-Grenadines
.VE Country-code Venezuela
.VG Country-code Virgin Islands, British
.VI Country-code Virgin Islands, US
.VN Country-code Viet Nam
.VU Country-code Vanuatu
.WF Country-code Wallis and Futuna
.WS Country-code Samoa
.YE Country-code Yemen
.YT Country-code Mayotte
.YU Country-code Yugoslavia
.ZA Country-code South Africa
.ZM Country-code Zambia
.ZW Country-code Zimbabwe




Natural SEO SEM hopes that you find this TLD information useful in understanding the Internet - and your place in it.