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Country Code Top Level Domains


There are about 250 active Country-Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) designations as of May, 2008.

Major Geographic Regions identified by the Internic Whois database are:

These regions, in turn, are sub-divided into smaller geographies.

TLDs are the portion of the URL address that indicates what type of domain is involved. For instance .COM for Commerce, or .EDU for Education.


..Domain ..Type Purpose
.CN Country-code China
.CO Country-code Colombia
.CR Country-code Costa Rica
.CU Country-code Cuba
.CV Country-code Cape Verde
.CX Country-code Christmas Island
.CY Country-code Cyprus
.CZ Country-code Czech Republic
.DE Country-code Germany
.DJ Country-code Djibouti
.DK Country-code Denmark
.DM Country-code Dominica
.DO Country-code Dominican Republic
.DZ Country-code Algeria
.EC Country-code Ecuador
.EE Country-code Estonia
.EG Country-code Egypt
.EH Country-code Western Sahara
.ER Country-code Eritrea
.ES Country-code Spain
.ET Country-code Ethiopia
.EU Country-code European Union
.FI Country-code Finland
.FJ Country-code Fiji
.FK Country-code Falkland Islands
.FM Country-code Micronesia, Fed States
.FO Country-code Faroe Islands
.FR Country-code France
.GA Country-code Gabon
.GB Country-code United Kingdom
.GD Country-code Grenada
.GE Country-code Georgia
.GF Country-code French Guiana
.GG Country-code Guernsey
.GH Country-code Ghana
.GI Country-code Gibraltar
.GL Country-code Greenland
.GM Country-code Gambia
.GN Country-code Guinea
.GP Country-code Guadeloupe
.GQ Country-code Equatorial Guinea
.GR Country-code Greece
.GS Country-code S Georgia-Sandwich Islands
.GT Country-code Guatemala
.GU Country-code Guam
.GW Country-code Guinea-Bissau
.GY Country-code Guyana
.HK Country-code Hong Kong
.HM Country-code Heard Island-McDonald Islands
.HN Country-code Honduras
.HR Country-code Croatia
.HT Country-code Haiti




Natural SEO SEM hopes that you find this TLD information useful in understanding the Internet - and your place in it.