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Country Code Top Level Domains


The Top Level Domain is the portion of the URL address at the far right of the domain name. A TLD is the .COM or .EDU part, for instance.

There are several types of Top Level Domains on the Internet. The most common is probably the Generic TLD - like .BIZ or .COM. Also there are Country Code TLDs like .US. There are Sponsored TLDs like .MIL or .MUSEUM. And there are Test and Infrastructure Top Level Domains for use by the Internet governing entities themselves.

Certain Generic TLDs are open to all users, while others have certain qualification requirements.


Domain Type Purpose
.HU Country-code Hungary
.ID Country-code Indonesia
.IE Country-code Ireland
.IL Country-code Israel
.IM Country-code Isle of Man
.IN Country-code India
.IO Country-code British Indian Ocean Territory
.IQ Country-code Iraq
.IR Country-code Iran
.IS Country-code Iceland
.IT Country-code Italy
.JE Country-code Jersey
.JM Country-code Jamaica
.JO Country-code Jordan
.JP Country-code Japan
.KE Country-code Kenya
.KG Country-code Kyrgyzstan
.KH Country-code Cambodia
.KI Country-code Kiribati
.KM Country-code Comoros
.KN Country-code Saint Kitts and Nevis
.KP Country-code Korea, DPR
.KR Country-code Korea
.KW Country-code Kuwait
.KY Country-code Cayman Islands
.KZ Country-code Kazakhstan
.LA Country-code Lao PDR
.LB Country-code Lebanon
.LC Country-code Saint Lucia
.LI Country-code Liechtenstein
.LK Country-code Sri Lanka
.LR Country-code Liberia
.LS Country-code Lesotho
.LT Country-code Lithuania
.LU Country-code Luxembourg
.LV Country-code Latvia
.LY Country-code Libya
.MA Country-code Morocco
.MC Country-code Monaco
.MD Country-code Moldova, Republic of
.ME Country-code Montenegro
.MF Country-code Saint Martin (French part)
.MG Country-code Madagascar
.MH Country-code Marshall Islands
.MK Country-code Macedonia
.ML Country-code Mali
.MM Country-code Myanmar
.MN Country-code Mongolia
.MO Country-code Macao
.MP Country-code Northern Mariana Islands




Natural SEO SEM hopes that you find this TLD information useful in understanding the Internet - and your place in it.