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Country Code Top Level Domains


A Country-Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) is an Internet Top Level Domain (TLD) which, in general, has been reserved for a particular country or dependent territory.

The oldest ccTLDs were created in 1985. They were for the United States, United Kingdom, and Israel.

In 1986 ccTLDs were added for Australia, Netherlands, Japan, France, Sweden, Korea, Germany and Finland.

In 1987 it was further expanded to include New Zealand, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Malaysia, Denmark, Argentina, Iceland and Italy.


Domain Type Purpose
.MQ Country-code Martinique
.MR Country-code Mauritania
.MS Country-code Montserrat
.MT Country-code Malta
.MU Country-code Mauritius
.MV Country-code Maldives
.MW Country-code Malawi
.MX Country-code Mexico
.MY Country-code Malaysia
.MZ Country-code Mozambique
.NA Country-code Namibia
.NC Country-code New Caledonia
.NE Country-code Niger
.NF Country-code Norfolk Island
.NG Country-code Nigeria
.NI Country-code Nicaragua
.NL Country-code Netherlands
.NO Country-code Norway
.NP Country-code Nepal
.NR Country-code Nauru
.NU Country-code Niue
.NZ Country-code New Zealand
.OM Country-code Oman
.PA Country-code Panama
.PE Country-code Peru
.PF Country-code French Polynesia
.PG Country-code Papua New Guinea
.PH Country-code Philippines
.PK Country-code Pakistan
.PL Country-code Poland
.PM Country-code Saint Pierre-Miquelon
.PN Country-code Pitcairn
.PR Country-code Puerto Rico
.PS Country-code Palestinian Territory
.PT Country-code Portugal
.PW Country-code Palau
.PY Country-code Paraguay
.QA Country-code Qatar
.RE Country-code Reunion
.RO Country-code Romania
.RS Country-code Serbia
.RU Country-code Russian Federation
.RW Country-code Rwanda
.SA Country-code Saudi Arabia
.SB Country-code Solomon Islands
.SC Country-code Seychelles
.SD Country-code Sudan
.SE Country-code Sweden
.SG Country-code Singapore
.SH Country-code Saint Helena




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