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Country Code Top Level Domains


A Country-Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) is an Internet Top Level Domain (TLD) which, in general, has been reserved for a particular country or dependent territory.

All ccTLDs are two characters in length. And all two character TLDs are ccTLDs.

The requirements for securing a ccTLD vary. In some cases there are local requirements (such as citizenship or physical presence). In others, such as Canada and Germany, eligibilty is open without local requirements.


Domain ..Type Purpose
.AC Country-code Ascension Island
.AD Country-code Andorra
.AE Country-code United Arab Emirates
.AF Country-code Afghanistan
.AG Country-code Antigua and Barbuda
.AI Country-code Anguilla
.AL Country-code Albania
.AM Country-code Armenia
.AN Country-code Netherlands Antilles
.AO Country-code Angola
.AQ Country-code Antarctica
.AR Country-code Argentina
.AS Country-code American Samoa
.AT Country-code Austria
.AU Country-code Australia
.AW Country-code Aruba
.AX Country-code Aland Islands
.AZ Country-code Azerbaijan
.BA Country-code Bosnia and Herzegovina
.BB Country-code Barbados
.BD Country-code Bangladesh
.BE Country-code Belgium
.BF Country-code Burkina Faso
.BG Country-code Bulgaria
.BH Country-code Bahrain
.BI Country-code Burundi
.BJ Country-code Benin
.BL Country-code Saint Barthelemy
.BM Country-code Bermuda
.BN Country-code Brunei Darussalam
.BO Country-code Bolivia
.BR Country-code Brazil
.BS Country-code Bahamas
.BT Country-code Bhutan
.BV Country-code Bouvet Island
.BW Country-code Botswana
.BY Country-code Belarus
.BZ Country-code Belize
.CA Country-code Canada
.CC Country-code Cocos (Keeling) Islands
.CD Country-code Congo, DR
.CF Country-code Central African Republic
.CG Country-code Congo
.CH Country-code Switzerland
.CI Country-code Cote d'Ivoire
.CK Country-code Cook Islands
.CL Country-code Chile
.CM Country-code Cameroon




Natural SEO SEM hopes that you find this TLD information useful in understanding the Internet - and your place in it.