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Natural SEO is part understanding what to put on a webpage to achieve high ranking. But, just as important, Natural SEO is knowing what NOT to do on a webpage. WhiteHat SEO is the standard. GrayHat SEO is a consideration. BlackHat SEO is avoided.

Natural SEO involves every component found on a webpage - the text, the images, metatags, the title tag, alternative text, backlink anchor text, headings, forward link anchor text, as well as the internal hyperlink architecture and navigation system.

Natural SEO considers themes, semantics, linear correlations between objects, human ease of navigation, asthetics, and competition.

Natural SEO targets keyphrases that are determined by analyzing the supply and demand curve for niche query terms.

Natural SEO seeks long-term visibility over short-term results.

Natural SEO draws from mathematics, algorithmic analysis, econometrics, linear programming, Austrian economics, computer programming, web design, marketing and a host of other disciplines.

Natural SEO is both a strategy and a tactic.

Natural SEO includes techniques designed to present quality content - identical for humans and search engines.



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Natural SEO = Organic SEO

Organic SEO = Ethical SEO

Ethical SEO = Natural SEO


Natural SEO Glossary


Understanding the concepts behind Natural SEO is dependent on a clear vision of the components and terminology used in Natural SEO.

Natural SEO is also called Organic SEO. Natural SEO is also called Ethical SEO.

It is the techniques used to bring visibility to a webpage and to a website. It is stressing quality over speed. It is seeking long-term marketing strength over short-term results.

Natural SEO SEM hopes you find this Natural SEO Glossary to be of assistance for your Web success.


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SEO Glossary

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Link Bursts

A rapid or sudden increase in the number of links pointing to a website, as opposed to a natural or organic increase over time.


Link Checker

A tool used to detect broken links.


Link Churn

The rate at which a website is losing links.


Link Equity

A measure of how strong a website is based on its link popularity and the quality of those links.


Link Exchange

A link exchange is an internet marketing tactical process of exchanging hyperlinks with a quality site that is somehow related to a company's product or service.


Link Farm

Any group of webpages that all hypertext connect with all the other pages of the group. Considered spam.


Link Hoarding

A method of trying to retain all your Link Popularity and PageRank by having inbound links, but not linking out to other sites. This may not be an advisable tactic for several reasons - outbound links may improve your credibility and relevance for the search engines, outbound links may provide useful information for your visitors, many excellent websites which require a reciprocal link will not be utilized and if you are unwilling to link out to other site - they will be less likely to want to link to you.


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Natural SEO SEM hopes that you find this SEO and SEM information useful in understanding the Internet - and your place in it.