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Email is a common method of communication for both young and old.


Email can be a Push form of marketing - depending on whether there are opt-in or opt-out provisions.


Email is often offered as a free service - if you know where to look.


GMail is a growing and free type of Email. It offers enormous storage space for your emails, and great organizational tools.


Email is both a blessing and a bane. A blessing because it is so - so easy to use. And attachments can be included to bring the receiver the files and information you want them to enjoy. But a bane because there exist spammers in great numbers who revel in bombing unsuspecting recipients with mountains of junk, or who phish for your personal data to steal your money, your identity, or more.


Natural SEO SEM considers Email to be a primary ingredient in Internet participation. It is essential for almost every web-based business.















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Natural SEO SEM Email Glossary


Email stands for Electronic Mail. It is probably the most common form of communication on the Web.

Forums, Chat Rooms and Social Media websites are growing in popularity with the Web 2.0 growth. But email remains as an everyday informal method of keeping in touch with your friends, customers and potential customers. In fact, email marketing is often the primary form of marketing that many ecommerce businesses make.

So it is important that a general understanding be gained about email. It could present a great opportunity for you to supplement your Natural SEO and Natural SEM effort.


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Email Glossary

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Electronic Mail. Messages sent from one person to another via the Internet.


Email Address

The location of an Electronic Message mailbox. The usual format is Recipient@Hostname.TLD.


Email Address Finder

An email service feature that allows a user to search for other people's email addresses by entering their name, address, or other information.


Email Alias

An email address that has no mailbox of its own and simply relays messages sent to it to another address that does have a mailbox.


Email Blast

A mass mailing of email sent to numerous recipients.


Email Forwarding

A feature where email is forwarded or sent to a different specified email account.


Email Harvesting

An automated collection of exposed email addresses using a robot program. The program puts discovered email addresses into a database, which are then sold to mass email senders. Harvesting has lead to the massive amount of spam on the Internet.


Email Header

The identification of the sender and recipient of an email message, information on the routing between the two parties, the date and time sent, and the subject of the message.


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Natural SEO SEM hopes that you find this Email Terms Glossary useful in understanding the Internet - and your place in it.