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Natural SEM is an extension of the thought process and techniques introduced by Natural SEO.

Natural SEM encompasses other ways to bring visibility and-or profitability to your website.

Natural SEM might include Affiliate Marketing as a way to build website traffic, and earn a commission on sales, leads or actions taken by users that click on advertisements for other ecommerce sites.

Natural SEM can employ Press Releases. These bring traffic, and can serve as periodic announcements of major developments in your website or business. This could also be considered off-site SEO.

Natural SEM uses internet classified advertising as another way to promote a website. It also can be effective in overcoming clustering restrictions of the search engines.

Natural SEM considers Website Monitoring to be a component in better controlling a website, and for making sure that your host is holding up their end of your agreement.

Natural SEM includes the portion of Keyword Research that identifies potential themes for Article Writing and Article Submission programs.

Natural SEM and Natural SEO work together to bring quality, effective marketing, and cost-effective website design for an overall ecommerce solution.

Natural SEM like Natural SEO targets keyphrases that are determined by analyzing the supply and demand curve for niche query terms.

Natural SEM seeks long-term visibility over short-term results.

Natural SEM draws from marketing, copywriting, affiliate marketing experience, article databases, and a host of other disciplines.

Natural SEM is both a strategy and a tactic.

Natural SEM includes techniques designed to complement Natural SEO to bring common sense and sound business judgment to ecommerce websites.









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Natural SEM = Organic SEM

Organic SEM = Ethical SEM

Ethical SEM = Natural SEM


Natural SEM Glossary


Natural SEM stands for Natural Search Engine Marketing. Understanding the concepts behind Natural SEM is dependent on a clear vision of the components and terminology used in Natural SEM.

Natural SEM is also called Organic SEM. Natural SEM is also called Ethical SEM.

It is the techniques used to bring additional website traffic for your business. Targetted website traffic. In other words, potential customers - not just surfers. It picks up where Natural SEO leaves off. In fact, much of natural SEM might be considered off-site natural SEO. It is seeking additional bang for the buck.

Natural SEO SEM hopes you find this Natural SEM Glossary to be of assistance for your Web success.


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SEM Glossary

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A website owner that promotes products or services for a merchant in return for a commission payment once an action has been completed.


Affiliate Fraud

An illegal activity to obtain commissions in an illegitimate manner through fraudulent actions against merchants or buyers in an affiliate marketing program, such as by self-clicking of income-generating CPC hyperlinks.


Affiliate Link

A hyperlink with a unique tracking code, used to promote a merchant's products or services.


Affiliate Manager

A merchant employee who runs and helps build an Affiliate program.


Affiliate Marketing

Programs which allow a merchant to expand their market reach and visibility by paying independent agents on a Cost Per Action basis. The agent displays a clickable advertising banner in return for compensation.


Affiliate Network

A third party, between the merchants and the affiliates, that tracks and accounts for all transactions occurring between the merchant and the affiliate sites.


Affiliate Page

An advertising or marketing page.


Affiliate Partner Manager

APM. An affiliate that refers or sponsors a new affiliate to an affifliate network and usually enjoys second tier commissions.


Affiliate Program

An advertising program offering a monetary incentive for webmasters to drive traffic (CTR) to the advertiser website or to bring customers (CPA) to the advertiser website. This eliminates the necessity for the advertiser to find websites with related content to list their banners. It also increases the response rate by giving the affiliate websites a stake in the response rate. Affiliate programs are a great plan for the advertisers offering them, but the affiliates that participate often become underpaid sales representatives.


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Natural SEO SEM hopes that you find this SEO and SEM information useful in understanding the Internet - and your place in it.