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Natural SEO and SEM

Google Search Terms


The most important search site for websites using natural seo and natural sem is Google . Why ? Because Google represents almost two-thirds of all direct search inquiries made on the Internet.

For that reason, an understanding of Google - Google Terms - the Google algorithm - and the future direction of Google must be understood.

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Google and Search Terms

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Query command to search only the link anchors of the hypertexts in a webpage for text in locating matches for search results.


Inclusion Ratio

The percentage of a website's pages included by the search index divided by the total number of pages you have estimated to be on your site. A low percentage could be caused by penalized dynamic urls, dynamic content requiring search or drop down menu selection, unindexable dynamic content inside databases, improperly configured webpages, nofollow robots.txt tags, pages too deep in the architectural hierarchy or the absense of sitemaps to allow spiders to locate dynamic or database driven content.



A program that analyzes webpages downloaded by the spider and the crawler. This component parses each page and analyzes the various elements such as text, headers, structural or stylistic features and special HTML tags.



A search syntax to find information about a page.


Informational Query

A search query about a topic where the user expects to be provided with information on the topic.ame to find two word queries that result in only one page in the Google search engine results.

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An important factor in understanding how to optimize your website is to get a handle on the terminology used in Natural SEO and SEM strategy. And much of this strategy is based on the Google algorithm. There are consultants and experts and optimization gurus on the Web aplenty. Hopefully this glossary will assist you in learning some of the terminology so you can assess who IS an expert - and who is just trying to pitch you a scam.

Natural SEO SEM will try to provide you with a sound knowledge base to draw from. Glossaries with terms used in the various aspects of running an internet business. And Google and Search Terms is an important area to examine.

Natural SEO SEM hopes that you find this Google and Search information useful in understanding the Internet, natural SEO and SEM - and how it affects your internet business website.