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Natural SEO and SEM

Google Search Terms


The most important search site for websites using natural seo and natural sem is Google . Why ? Because Google represents almost two-thirds of all direct search inquiries made on the Internet.

For that reason, an understanding of Google - Google Terms - the Google algorithm - and the future direction of Google must be understood.

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Google and Search Terms

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Google Compute

A feature of Google Toolbar that allows you to donate your PC’s idle time to do calculations for scientific research at Stanford University. The research is on the genetic structure of proteins for medical applications. Compute should not affect any of your regular computer usage.


Google Co-op

A service that lets web developers provide expertise in suggesting ways Google searches can be refined for better results.


Google Dance

Google maintains several data centers with hundreds of IP addresses that feed information into Google search. Instead of taking their entire system off-line when Google's index of websites is periodically updated, Google takes one node at a time off-line and updates them individually.


Google Desktop

Google Desktop is a search tool that runs on Windows that allows users to search for Gmail, emails, chats, photos, web history, music and files on your hard drive. It also facilitates organizing files, bookmarks and emails.


Google Directory

An improved way to navigate DMOZ by narrow the Google search to only information contained in a specified category.

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An important factor in understanding how to optimize your website is to get a handle on the terminology used in Natural SEO and SEM strategy. And much of this strategy is based on the Google algorithm. There are consultants and experts and optimization gurus on the Web aplenty. Hopefully this glossary will assist you in learning some of the terminology so you can assess who IS an expert - and who is just trying to pitch you a scam.

Natural SEO SEM will try to provide you with a sound knowledge base to draw from. Glossaries with terms used in the various aspects of running an internet business. And Google and Search Terms is an important area to examine.

Natural SEO SEM hopes that you find this Google and Search information useful in understanding the Internet, natural SEO and SEM - and how it affects your internet business website.